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iChiropro basic set with CA 20:1 L

iChiropro basic set with CA 20:1 L
Micro-Series contra-angle
1 iChiropro basic set ref. 1700439-001
1 CA 20:1 L contra-angle ref. 1600692-001
Micro-Series with light
Ref. 1700440-001
iChiropro basic set:
1 iChiropro control unit ref. 1600784-001
1 MX-i LED micromotor ref. 1600755-001
1 MX-i LED micromotor cable ref. 1600606-001
1 x 3-button foot pedal ref. 1600631-001
Set of 10 sterile single-use irrigation lines ref. 1500984-010
10 irrigation line clips ref. 1303711-010
2 sterile protective films ref. 1501746
1 bracket ref. 1303393-001
1 support ref. 1301575-001
1 Swiss network cable ref. 1300065-001
1 Europe network cable ref. 1300066-001
1 Asia/USA network cable ref. 1300067-001
1 support for iPad 4 ref. 1305949-001
1 Torx ® screwdriver ref. 1305947-001
Ref. 1700439-001

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