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Satelec Mini LED curing light

• Integrates easily with A-dec 500, A-dec 300, Cascade, and Radius
delivery systems
• Standard light guide (7.5 mm) produces a minumum
1,250 mWatt/cm2
• Light guide is autoclavable
• Produces light between 420 and 480 nm
• Mount to either doctors or assistants controls
• Enables rapid curing without generating heat
• Three curing modes:
-- Full Power: Full intensity for 10 seconds
-- Pulse: Ten 1.0 second pulses at 0.25 second intervals
-- Ramping: 10 second ramp up to full power, then 10 seconds
at full power
• 1,250 mWatt/cm2 power at 7.5 mm
2,000 mWatt/cm2 power at 5.5 mm

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